When do you meet?2020-02-04T16:07:42+00:00

Willis Stewart Lodge 224 meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month unless a Holiday or inclement weather interrupts. We meet in the dining hall for dinner at 5:30 pm and the meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Willis Stewart Lodge 224 is located on the Masonic Homes of Kentucky campus off of Frankfort Ave. in Louisville Kentucky.

How do I join?2020-02-04T16:07:59+00:00

To be one, ask one. If you do not know one of us you may contact our Secretary to start the process. We would be very pleased to meet with you.

Please contact;

Chuck Morgan at willisstewartlodge224@gmail.com

What The Freemasons are not…2020-02-04T16:05:24+00:00

We are not a church, religion or cult. We are nondenominational. We do believe in a creator.

What are The Freemasons?2020-02-04T16:04:21+00:00

We are the largest and oldest fraternity in the world.

What is the purpose of Freemasonry?2020-02-04T16:03:51+00:00

We make good men better – better fathers, better husbands, better brothers, better sons, and better citizens. We place emphasis on the individual man by strengthening his character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook and broadening his mental horizons.